Retin-A Micro ®

April 28, 2007

Objectives: • Discuss pathophysiology of acne vulgaris • Discuss mechanism and adverse effects of tretinoin in the treatment of acne • Discuss the microsponge delivery system – Clinical significance – Pharmaceutical significance – Drug compatibility and availability – Patient acceptance and cost Acne Vulgaris Pathophysiology • Most common skin disorder in the U.S. • During puberty androgens stimulate the sebaceous glands to produce sebum. – Propionibacterium acnes – ↑Keratinization and sebum production↑P acnes proliferation – Leads to a keratin rich plug (open comedo) – Inflammation of open comedo could possibly lead to a closed comedo. Tretinoin in Acne Treatment • Since 1962, topical retinoids including tretinoin have been the mainstay for acne treatment. • Several studies suggest a 12 week course of topical tretinoin reduces inflammatory lesions by 22-83%. • MOA: Tretinoin alters abnormal follicular keratinization and changes gene expression of nuclear retinoic acid receptors.

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