Epidural Hematom

Januari 9, 2008

Epidural hematom was one of the bleeding kinds intracranial that most often happened because fraktur skull bones. The brain in covered by stiff and hard skull bones. The brain also in surrounded by something that was useful as the wrapper that in mentioned dura. His function to protect the brain, covered the sinuses vena, and formed the periosteum tabula interna. When a person received the collision that was great in the head of the possibility will be formed a hole, the movement from the brain possibly will cause the erosion or injury from blood vessels that surrounded the brain and dura, when blood vessels experienced erosion then blood will be accumulated in space between dura and skull bones, the situation in that in knew and the term epidural hematom.


2 Responses to “Epidural Hematom”

  1. lia Says:

    masih bingung?! kurang lengkap ni. huhu….

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