Immune Boosting strategies for Cold and Flu

Januari 26, 2008

Today i’ve read some tips about cold and flu. Those tip for how to boost your imune body. those tips from dr. Maoshing Ni. He give some strategies to help people whose got common cold.

Prepare for Cold Season!
The best natural protection from cold and flu is to keep your immune system going strong and to practice preventative measures. Wash your hands frequently with soap, and wash your face at least twice a day. Also, protect your upper back and neck area, because this is where most of the colds will attack the body. The activities listed below will help you build your immunity.

6 Simple Ways to Boost Your Immunity

1. Rest up.
Studies show that your immune system function drops by an average of 60% after just three nights of poor sleep, so be sure you are getting plenty of quality rest, at least eight hours each night.

2. Lessen your stress.
Keep your stress level low with meditation, tai chi or yoga.

3. Eat sweet potatoes and mushrooms.
These foods help optimize your body’s immunity function. Sweet potatoes contain higher amounts of vitamin C (a famous immune support) and beta-carotene than carrots, as well as being rich in DHEA, a potent immunity booster. Certain types of mushrooms, like shitake, maitake and reishi, contain polysaccharides, sterols, coumarin, vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that increase your immune function.

4. Pick potent herbs.
Eat lots of potent herbs and spices, especially garlic, ginger, cilantro, and oregano.

5. Astralagus: the immunity super herb.
Astralagus has been used in Asia to prevent cold and flu for more than 2,000 years. This herb stimulates the body’s production of interferon, which is a potent immune protein that boosts your ability to fight infections and diseases.

6. Keep your middle warm.
In Chinese medicine, the abdomen is considered the storehouse of the body’s energy. Keeping your abdomen warm and protected from weather extremes has immense immune benefits. A good way to replenish your energy bank is to regularly place a hot water bottle on your abdomen. Also beneficial is applying abdominal wraps soaked in rejuvenating herbal solutions, or pouches containing similar herbs.

Natural Remedies and Relief for Cold and Flu
If it’s too late to prepare, and you are already suffering from the runny nose, headache and fever of cold and flu, these recommendations can help you get you back on your feet in no time!

• At the first sign of a cold attack, drink scallion and ginger tea, and lots of liquids.

• Fasting or light eating is sometimes recommended when you have a cold, so as not to detract from the body’s healing by having to digest heavy foods. In general, eat as little solid food as possible to avoid burdening the immune system, but drink plenty of warm fluids such as soups, porridges and tea.

• Get plenty of rest and don’t engage in exercise. When you have a cold, exercise depletes the body of qi, the vital energy needed to fight pathogens.

• Taking up to 50 milligrams of zinc a day may help reduce the symptoms of the common cold.

• It is helpful to inhale eucalyptus, oregano, and lavender, which are antibacterial, antiviral, and decongesting.

• He often recommend to my patients our Cold and Flu Formula that contains natural herbs like honeysuckle flower, burdock root, apricot seed, mulberry root and others that support healthy immune function, and comfort cold and flu symptoms. This formula is available online at

I hope you could use these tips for against common cold. Keep Healthy 🙂


One Response to “Immune Boosting strategies for Cold and Flu”

  1. Lee Crock Says:

    According the excellent tool at Vitabase that recommends herbs, here are choices for the common cold:

    Echinacea and Goldenseal
    Importance: Very High
    Comments: Enhances immune system. Stops spread of the virus. Alcohol-free echinacea and goldenseal combination is recommended.


    Vitamin A plus
    Importance: Very High
    Comments: Boosts immune system. Aids in healing inflamed mucous membranes.


    Natural beta-carotene
    Importance: Very High
    Comments: Antioxidant. Forerunner of vitamin A.


    Carotenoid complex (Betatene)
    Importance: Very High
    Comments: Antioxidant. Forerunner of vitamin A.


    Vitamin C
    Importance: Very High
    Comments: Combats cold viruses. Buffered vitamin C or calcium ascorbate is recommended for children.


    Zinc lozenges
    Importance: Very High
    Comments: Enhances immune system. Take at first sign of a cold.


    Free-form amino acid complex
    Importance: Moderate
    Comments: Provides necessary protein.


    Garlic (Kyolic)
    Importance: Moderate
    Comments: Antibiotic. Stimulates immune system.


    Importance: Moderate
    Comments: Kills viruses. Protects against cold sores in and around mouth. Caution: Lysine should be taken for a maximum of 6 months.

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